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Our Purpose

Walk with Autism is a local organization whose purpose is to bring awareness and acceptance of autism to our community. Our mission is to invest in local businesses and facilities who provide services and support for those individuals and families diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We believe that just because autism is a spectrum disorder, access to and approval for resources and care should not be spectrum based. 


To kick off Autism Awareness Month, we will be hosting our second annual Walk with Autism on April 6, 2024. We will be raising funds for Root for Kids and the Washington County School District Special Education/Life Skills Programs. Root for Kids is a vital first step in assisting families with a new diagnosis. They are a fundamental guide in the beginning journey with autism, providing resources, services and support. Our local district preschools are the next step for our children and families with autism, beginning to attend school at 3 years old. As a mother of a 4-year-old attending preschool, I can see the resources and funds lacking that will help our children thrive. Specifically, our schools are lacking in assistive speech devices. A speech device is imperative for non verbal children to learn how to communicate. When we speak of learning, growth and developmental opportunity, the ability to communicate without words is a must. Currently our students are tested on their verbal acuity and ability to answer questions to represent what they learn. A passing score on these standardized tests is required to advance into placement for kindergarten. My question then becomes, when we lack availability of resources, how can we expect our students to learn or perform at their best. We need to invest in the foundation of learning for our disabled children. This has been our personal experience. It does not include the hundreds of families, with a wide variety of ages and diagnosis, that lack available resources. 

This is a great cause for a great community and will help hundreds of families in our local area. Please read the About Us page for information about us! Why we are doing what we are doing, how we got here and our hope for the future.

100% of donations received stay within our community and help fund our local schools and resource centers. 

Let's Work Together!

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